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Water Quality

Consultancy Services

Legionella Risk Assessments and Monitoring

Advance have the capability to provide legionella risk assessments to fully comply with L8 and the HSE requirements which include plant and distribution system schematics and recommended actions in a prioritised order.

Scalding and Hot Surface Risk Assessments

Applies to healthcare premises and Registered Homes to meet their legal duty in respect of risk of scalding and burning from hot surfaces.

Record Keeping Systems and Audits

Development of site specific logbooks containing full method statements and levels to be obtained. Audits of existing record keeping systems to ensure compliance with current legislation and guidelines.


Courses designed to meet the needs of the customer.

Tailored to be specific to the requirements of your buildings.

Full supporting literature and certificate of attendance.

Water Sampling and Analysis

UKAS accredited laboratories.

• Microbiological (including legionella)
• Metals
• Chemical
• Effluents

Environmental Services

Cleaning and disinfecting

Clean and chlorination of water storage tanks and domestic water down services. Refurbishment of tanks to bring up to Water Regulations standards and painting to arrest corrosion. Click Here for more details.

Mixer Valve Checks and Installations

Monitoring and adjusting to required temperatures. Installation of Type 3 TMVs for healthcare environments.

Other Areas of work include:

RPZ (Reduced Pressure Zone), Valve Commissioning, Swimming Pool Analysis, Drinking Water Quality complaints.

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Water Treatments

Chemical Treatments

We can provide a wide range of water treatment products for use in a number of applications:

• Boiler Systems
Oxygen Scavengers, Scale Inhibitors, Steam line treatments.

• Cooling Water Systems
Corrosion & Scale Inhibitors, Bromine and Chlorine Based Biocides, Organic Biocides, Dispersants.

• Closed Circuit Systems
Corrosion & Scale Inhibitors, Biocides.

• Drinking/Domestic Water Systems
Chlorine/Chlorine Dioxide, Iron (Red Water) suppressants.

• Swimming Pools
Disinfectants, Flocculants, pH control agents.

All our products are fully supported by experienced field staff to ensure optimum control and maximum protection to your systems.

Alternative Treatments

Chlorine Dioxide

Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is a powerful oxidising biocide and can be used to treat domestic water systems to control the growth of legionella bacteria. The capacity of the water system will dictate the best method to introduce the chlorine dioxide. For small systems a ‘ready-to-use’ solution of chlorine dioxide can be dosed direct. For larger system the chlorine dioxide can be produced on site via a two drum system or electrolytically.

Chlorine Dioxide benefits:
• More effective than chlorine
• Biocidal properties not affected by pH
• No by-products

Silver and Copper Ionisation

Ionisation technology is now acknowledged by the Health and Safety Executive as a suitable method to control pathogens, such as legionella, in water systems. Advance Environmental manufacture their own ionisation system, called, Ionix , which produces silver and copper ions to be released into the water.

The benefits of Ionix are:

No chemicals are involved so eliminates the need for storing hazardous materials

In certain circumstances hot water temperatures can be reduced remove the need for thermostatic mixer valves

Flexible to accommodate any size water distribution system

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Water Services

Environmental Services

The Environmental Services section of Advance Environmental is a team of trained and competent personnel who carry out the refurbishment and cleans of water storage tanks, water down services, air handling units and cooling towers. All procedures use written method statements with appropriate risk assessments.

Tank Inspections

All water storage tanks should be inspected at the least, on an annual basis. Advance Environmental can carry out these inspections which include a visual survey and microbiological analysis. Following the inspection a report will be issued detailing any non-conformances with respect to ongoing deterioration, tank design and water quality. From the reports a rational decision can be made to decide if any further works including a clean and chlorination should take place. If the tank is in a clean condition and the microbiological quality is good the report issued will be your evidence that no further works were needed.

Tank Cleans and Chlorinations

For tanks that need to be cleaned and/or chlorinated our skilled staff will carry out the work in a safe and efficient manner. All work is in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the HSE and BS6700 and full certification is supplied for all works carried out.

• Tank Before the cleaning process:

• Tank After the cleaning process:

Tank Before Cleaning Tank Cleaned

Tank Refurbishments

Due to deterioration or the need for upgrading, tanks may need refurbishing from time to time. Our Environmental Service team can support you in this by carrying out the works required.

Tank lining or painting to prevent further corrosion may be needed. The fitting of insect screens to the overflows and vents. The installation of new lids or modifying the pipework configuration. All works can be carried out to the requirements of the customer

Cooling Towers

Cooling towers need to be cleaned and chlorinated on a regular basis and Advance Environmental have the capability to carry out all works required. From cleans and chlorinations to refurbishment of the system, whatever your needs we will be more than happy to discuss them with you.

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